certifiedtradesandprofessionals.com was created to accomplish one simple goal to provide an equal opportunity directory for the public and employers to find qualified individuals.

We have created a place for certified and qualified individuals to publicise their skills by having their qualifications checked and validated. Making their qualifications work for them.

As a subscriber to the directory, you are confirming to the public that you are a professional in your chosen field.

With your consent, we will check and confirm all your qualifications reassuring the public and potential employers that you are exactly what you say you are: A qualified expert.

We have excellent coverage, with the ability to check qualifications from over 10,000 academic institutions around the world.

There is nothing more important to the public than being able to verify who they are dealing with
before they allow them into their home or business.

With the use of our colour coded system, as explained in our verification glossary, and direct contact with the individual subscriber the public can easily find and be satisfied you are a:

Checked and Verified Professional or Trades-person.


As stated above, we use a uniquely formatted colour coded system to display the individual subscriber’s qualifications.

Amber signifies a processing stage,

Green signifies a verified profile.

By using a directory format we offer the public and subscribers direct contact with one another.

At present, there is a challenge for the public to get in touch with qualified and verified individuals directly. We have created an easy and reliable database to put those people in front of each other.

Subscribers can build an individual professional profile, giving them a chance to detail not only their qualifications but also their work history.

The public are NOT required to create an account to access the site. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to find a verified professional or trades-person without hidden paywalls or third-party interference.

We are different to other sites in that we are a directory. We seek to place subscribers on an equal footing and to that end, we chose an alphabetical and regional directory format for our website to best promote the individual subscribers.

By allowing the public direct contact with the subscribers. We eliminate extra fees for boosted presence or bidding wars over quotations.


We are striving to create the one-stop shop for the public to look for their professionals,
whether they need beauty, technology, or construction.
By placing the emphasis on the elite qualified professional,
we are creating a green standard for people to look for.